Happy new year everybody! Let's get straight to work. There's a lot things to raise our voices about right now, and I'll be singing out all year long as an artist-in-residence at Joe's Pub in their 2017 Working Group. I'm so honored to be chosen alongside these four amazing artists and grateful to have the support of such an inclusive and visionary institution as I make more music. You can read more about the group here. I'll be playing a monthly show at the Pub and the first one is coming up REAL soon on Friday January 27th at 7 PM! Get those tickets before they disappear!

     I've got official shows on the calendar through May, and the rest will be announced soon, but for now, save the dates and book the tix: February 17th, March 13th, April 28th, & May 19th. It's been nearly a year since I've played a for-real concert, so I'm VERY psyched to play a batch of new stuff.

    Shaina Taub


     Oh and hey, for all of you got to see my musical adaptation of TWELFTH NIGHT this summer at the Delacorte, and for those of you who missed it too, I recorded a collection of demos of the whole score and you can listen to it here for a name-your-price download. Collaborating with the Public Works community gives me genuine, radical hope for the future in this alarming time and I'm so excited to continue working with them - stay tuned for exciting news about this summer!