Turtle Pond

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    Turtle Pond

    It sure has been a while. I miss gathering at concert halls and theaters with you all so much. I hope you’re finding joy and comfort somehow in these dark winter days.

    I’m writing a lot of music and gearing up to make a record. Usually, I would test drive a new set in concert at Joe’s Pub, but since that’s not possible yet, I wanted to share with you a little demo of one new song called Turtle Pond.

    I wrote this late last summer on my daily walks in Central Park here in New York, meandering past Turtle Pond and the empty Delacorte Theater, feeling nostalgic as hell and trying to muster hope for the future. This one goes out to all the artists and all the lovers of art who are aching to do or see a show again.

    You can stream and share the demo here:

    Listen here

    If you miss live performance as much as I do, please consider donating to Be an Arts Hero, a grassroots campaign pushing the Senate to allocate proportionate relief to the arts & culture sector of the economy. While you’re at it, please support the Broadway Advocacy Coalition, an organization doing crucial work to build the capacity of the theater community to dismantle the systems that perpetuate racism through the power of storytelling and the leadership of people directly affected. More music coming soon… with gratitude, Shaina